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Jello poke cupcakes

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As I finished inventoring my kitchen I had about 8 boxes of cake mix. So I made cup cakes today, using applesauce (in place of oil) and egg beaters (in place of eggs) and when they finished and cooled I poked them and poured the jello over them. Refrigerated and iced them with cool whip.. Just tried one.. to die for. The only bad thing is they have to stay in the fridge.. but I can live with it.... just sharing....
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sounds yummy, I will have to try that one!!!!!!!!!!!:clover: THANKS!!!!
Trying to beef me up, are ya? This sounds delicious! My sweet tooth went crazy just reading it. :lol: And today is baking day!
My mom used to make a cake version of that when I was a kid...loved it!!!!
I want to make these, recipe pretty please :) :) :)
My mom used to make a cake version of that when I was a kid...loved it!!!!
Mine too! And it was so yummy, haven't had it in years.
I am not the OP but I make this a lot. It is simple. Make a white cake mix according to directions. Or you can make as OP did sub. applesauce for the oil and egg beaters for the eggs.
Bake cake let cool. When cooled poke holes with either a fork or the end of a wooden spoon. Poke lots of hole.
Make any flavor jello you have on hand according to package directions. Pour over cake slowly so that the cake absorbs the jello.
Refrige for a few hours. Frost with cool whip.
This must stay refrigerated.
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