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Jigsaw Puzzle Lovers Kith

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I love this time of year because I really get into doing my puzzles. My diningroom table is covered with a puzzle now & will probably have works in progress all the way to Spring.
I just finished a nice 750 piece one and am now working on this one^Jigsa...&keyword=12+days+of+christmas&productPrefix=W

I like 750-1000 piece puzzles mostly and really like funny ones like these^Jigsaw+Puzzles^By+Theme^Cartoons/01-W1985.html
Love getting new ones to do and was lucky enough to get 4 for Christmas. After Christmas I saw a big box that had 10 puzzles in it at Walmart $13.88) so had to have those and used a gift card to get them. They are all in individual bags, not fancy but the quality & pictures are fine. I try to keep my eyes open for sales or people not wanting theirs anymore, the price of new puzzles is crazy, especially if you have to factor in shipping.
I could go on & on,lol.
Tell me about your love of jigsaw puzzles!
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My DMother keeps a puzzle on her dining room table during the winter months. DD18 and I enjoy going for a visit and working on the puzzles.
That used to be my favorite part of Christmas Day - my family would sit around doing a puzzle while cooking dinner. That no longer works - siblings have scattered, Dad died, Mom is blind and bed ridden, and my son would rather play on his cell-phone. Somehow it is not the same thing by myself, but my new house has a wonderful sunny window that I intend to set up a puzzle-table by, and just keep one going.
Good for you Edna! I'm sorry things have changed, wished you lived closer, we could hover over a puzzle together.
Please set up a puzzle by that sunny window & relax & smile.:heartsm:
Thanks! I've grown ok with the changes - none are terribly recent. I am planning what I want live to be like in my new house, and with more time on my hands. Puzzles will be a healthy addition. I'm trying to decide whether to use the added room at the back of the house as my bedroom. On the pro-side, it has a fireplace and is panelled, very large, and yet cozy due to the warmth of the wood. On the con-side, it is nowhere near the only bathroom. I think I'm going to put the puzzle table in the front living room, and may use the front bedroom as an office/tv room. That means that I need to decide whether to use the back bedroom as my bedroom and let my son have the panelled room or vice versa. The thinking is a fun game also.
I love puzzles, and I have passed on my love to my oldest son! It something that we enjoy doing together!
dh and I love doing puzzles but with 4 cats they would be running off or chewing all the pieces
I love doing puzzles :) I am heading out today to see if I can find a new one to do. I have noticed that when DH walks by he always stops to do a few pieces. I like the fact that they are one of those hobbies that keeps your brain active ~ not mindless like watching TV :) :)
Me! Me! I used to be a huge puzzle fan, and then stopped for several years. But late fall, I picked up a cheap one at Walmart, and was instantly hooked again. I absolutely, totally, blew any semblance of a budget buying puzzles. (Hangs head.) But I have great new puzzles, and a few from ebay. I'll have fun for a year! I not doing one right now, but soon, soon. Ah, which one next..... They are so addictive. I can work on them from the time I get up until I go to bed, just stopping, grudgingly, to eat. This is very, very bad for the housework scene, but who cares? Life is short; have fun! I prefer about 1000 pieces, but do some larger, some smaller.

You are right -- the cost of puzzles is preposterous. The one I may do next is a Bits and Pieces puzzle of a tiger in a lotus pond, called "The Lotus Position." Neat picture.
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I love jigsaw puzzles! I picked up a 504 piece puzzle at the Dollar Store and put it together New Years Eve/Day. I like the 1000 piece puzzles, but with two cats, I can't leave the puzzle on the table for more than a day unless I am going to be home. As soon as they discover it, pieces disappear. The 504 piece puzzle worked perfectly, and I picked up two more yesterday.
Oooh, Oooh ... I love jigsaw puzzles too!

I'm not working on one now 'cuz my apartment is totally in chaos due to having it painted but as soon as it's done ...

I'm starting one ASAP! *lol*


Oh yeah, by the way .... the other day I picked up quite a few of the ones at the Dollar Store [504 piece ones.]

I'd never seen those before [with 504 pieces!] I'd only seen ones like 500, 550 or 1,000 pieced ones. Kind of an odd #, huh? *lol*

I love doing puzzles but don't do them too often any more because the cats like to knock the pieces off the table and they disappear.

I do like doing them on-line though at Jig-Zone.
I've never done an online one before but may try it sometime.

Sure would fix the problem with your cats knocking them all over. *lol*

For some reason, my cat who's usually into everything has not bothered my puzzles at all.


DH and I used to do puzzles pretty often, but with a little one running around we don't do them so much anymore. DS likes to "help" by messing up the pieces. :)
I picked up 4 of the 504 piece ones called Encore. I have one on the table right now with the border plus some already done !
:grnwave: Emily ... do ya feel like I'm following you around from puzzle thread to puzzle thread? :lol:



I picked up 4 of the 504 piece ones called Encore. I have one on the table right now with the border plus some already done !
Hi Jen. Yes I do !!
I love to do puzzles! I haven't had one out since we moved last year, though. We've been too busy...hmmm maybe it's time to get one out. :)
I've just started my addiction! I opened a 1000 piece that I had in my gift pile. I've eyed that box for a year now and decided to gift myself. :) I'm hooked. I have adult ADHD and this is just so calming for my brain while still keeping my attention for a decent amount of time. Now the trick is going to be my four cats and the kiddos. I thought it was just us who had a hard time leaving games/puzzles out with pets. Sounds like a cat conspiracy. (Because obviously, we should all be spending our free time paying attention to them.)
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