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Jigsaw Puzzle Lovers Kith

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I love this time of year because I really get into doing my puzzles. My diningroom table is covered with a puzzle now & will probably have works in progress all the way to Spring.
I just finished a nice 750 piece one and am now working on this one^Jigsa...&keyword=12+days+of+christmas&productPrefix=W

I like 750-1000 piece puzzles mostly and really like funny ones like these^Jigsaw+Puzzles^By+Theme^Cartoons/01-W1985.html
Love getting new ones to do and was lucky enough to get 4 for Christmas. After Christmas I saw a big box that had 10 puzzles in it at Walmart $13.88) so had to have those and used a gift card to get them. They are all in individual bags, not fancy but the quality & pictures are fine. I try to keep my eyes open for sales or people not wanting theirs anymore, the price of new puzzles is crazy, especially if you have to factor in shipping.
I could go on & on,lol.
Tell me about your love of jigsaw puzzles!
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I worked the Vintage Flora one last night - very easy, very quick. I like a challenge, but I like to keep some easy ones on hand too for times when I just don't want to work very hard!

I planned to do the lighthouse diagram next, but may save it and start one of the larger ones. Today - housework and crocheting.
Ooh, I'm all excited! We are going out of state to visit with my sil & family soon and she said she has puzzles for us. In return we'll bring a bunch of ours for her & her friend. Woot! "New" stuff.:yippee:
I finished up Magic by Josephine Wall yesterday. I'm quickly running out of puzzles to work. Rats!!!

I scored a free puzzle last week when I had to travel for work. The office I visited had some puzzles and games in the kitchen, free for the taking. I took one (that came in a box small enough to fit in my luggage) and now I have it going on the dining room table. So fun to do a puzzle again; it's been a really long time.

Kara, nothing beats free puzzles!

Cat, do you keep them to work again? Of, course you wouldn't want to do again right away. Maybe you can find some more.

I just finished a big one a couple of days of ago, Historical Map in the top left corner of the page this links to:

1500 Pieces - Ravensburger Global

I also have the Celestial Map right next to it on the page, but I don't have the courage to start it right now. I want to something a little bit easier next!
I've got a 1,000 piece puzzle going right now. My bf and I work on it every now and again. I got it at Wal-mart. I'm a little disappointed because we had the whole outside edge put together the first night we had it out of the box and it's missing one piece. I thought it might turn up....but we're 3/4 the way through and I haven't seen it yet. What do you do when you find you're missing a piece??

Buy Ceaco Jigsaw Puzzle - Nature's Paradise
Donna, I do have some that I have kept over the years but I think I have reworked them all, except one. I guess I could rework it. It is an older one I got last year from Spilsbury. It is a Sunsout puzzle called Spools by Rebecca Barker. You quilters would enjoy it. I'm thinking of having my avatar made into a puzzle. Believe it or not that is the test pic we got with our printer 2 years ago.

I bought a puzzle on Friday, started working on it on Saturday about 9pm and finished before noon Sunday. I bought it thinking it would give me something to do for a few days, NOT. So I bought another one today and with you as my witnesses, I will not open it until the week after my surgery. The one I worked in about 5 hours was Golden Rule by Sunsout 1000pcs. The one I bought today is Jodi's Antiques Barn from Buffalo Games 1000pcs. I still have a Josephine Wall puzzle to work also. Anyone else get any new toys lately?

They are both so pretty & you keep your hands off those 2 puzzles 'til after your surgery!

Working on one we got from sil, it's an older landscape type puzzle... wish there was $ in the budget for some new ones. Guess I'll live vicariously through you Cat.
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My mom and I trade once in awhile. She should be back from Florida sometime in March and if she doesn't want to work this one I'll swap ya if you want?

No new puzzle toys here. I started a great crochet-along challenge on a crochet forum - to find a doily pattern and make it into a baby blanket. It's fun and there are going to be some stunning blankets coming out of it.

On another forum on the same board, we are just starting a group read of Les Miserables. Fortunately, I have it in audio, so I can play while I listen. It's 57 hours, 46 minutes -- that sounds like puzzle time to me! So before long I may start another one. I do them in spurts.

But the nifty baby blanket first.
I love puzzles!! My daughters will sit and do them with me and occasionally the twins(15yo boys) but my ods and dh never do them with me. I love doing them by myself too though so I'm not complaining.

I only have a few right now as I got rid of most of them last year I was just bored of them. I had those ones for almost 10 years and just felt it was time to pass them on. I kept my favourites though and will be looking for some new ones soon.

I have 4 cats too. Two of them steal the pieces and play with them. The other 2 insist on climbing into the puzzle boxes and in the process destroying them. I have a piece of paneling that I put on top of the puzzle when I am not working on it. I just out something heavy on that to hold it down and I make sure the puzzle box is closed and put up.
It's making me smile at how creative cat-owning puzzle lovers need to be. Luckily, it's pretty easy to prevent them from "helping"!

I do my puzzles at the dining room table, which is always covered with a vinyl table cloth between uses (since the cat hangs out up there all the time). I just fold back the cloth and do my puzzle under it, right on the table surface. When I am done for the day, I close the box and unfold the cloth and everything stays safe from kitty paws.

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I love the tablecloth idea moasmom. Unfortunately I have 1 cat that finds it fun to pull the tableclothes off the table. After coming home to huge messes I finally learned and no longer use them. LOL!! Maybe when they get older I can try again. The oldest right now is 4 and the youngest is 2 so they are still very playful.
Yes, mine are 12 and almost 17 now, so the table cloth is safe. Enjoy the playfulness!

Last year I missed our village wide garage sale and missed out on new puzzles to tide me over for the winter. This past weekend was this years sale and I was going to miss it again because we were going to be out of town to be in the Susan B Koman Race for the cure (what a moving experience). Dd was here to take care of our pets and I asked her to please stop by the place I usually score good puzzles for decent prices. I called her to let her know we were on our way home and she said she got a couple puzzles but the price was way up so she only bought 2. Bummer. Well I got home and she said the puzzles were in the living room, I went to look & there were boxes & boxes all stacked up. For $16 she got 30 puzzles,lol. Told the lady she'd take them all and what a nice surprise for us, well done Nicole! Like Christmas,lol.Really nice ones & I'm stoked. :mdance: You puzzle lovers understand my glee,lol.
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Wow! What a haul!

Just a couple of days ago I decided it was puzzle time again. I've moved the bed into the dining room (very bohemian and a long story) so I have a big open space in the bedroom that is just crying out to have my puzzle table set up. It's been a few months since I did one, and I'm in the mood for it. Tonight I will set it up and pick the next puzzle. I have a lot of new ones from past binges I haven't worked yet.
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puzzzle lover here. Just new to this site. I love to do puzzles. Raising a 10 yr old grandson who swears they are a piece of cake. Yet will not help. LOL

Welcome to the kith, Everytim. It's not a very active thread, but once in a while someone digs it out and tells us what they are doing.

I never got around to that puzzle time - I have been so unacceptably busy. But I'll have a few days off after Memorial Day, so maybe then. I spotted a few on Amazon that I covet - why do I even look? - but it's been an expensive month, so new toys are on hold for quite a while. Of course, the one I want most is a very expensive one:

Dream on. But doesn't that look like fun?
Welcome to the group everytim, nice to have you here. What kind of puzzles do you enjoy doing?
That puzzle looks like it would keep you out of trouble Donna. The prices of new puzzles is just over the top so used ones are the only way I can get "new to me" ones.

Went to visit the in laws who live in a retirement community today and they had a tag sale going on & I picked up 4 more puzzles for 25¢ each. (other cool stuff too ;) ) I would have grabbed more puzzles (nice "hometown collection" puzzles) but wasn't sure what was already in the pile dd scored for us the other day. I'm in puzzle heaven.
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