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July Freezer/Pantry Challenge

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I didn't see one for June so don't know if anyone is interested in keeping this going for July even tho it's been a long standing one.
I'm working on using up the older freezer and pantry items so I can restock with new expiration dates.
Join in if you want to keep the thread going and to see what you can get used up

Since first of July
finished using up one onion and two red peppers
last of bag of potatoes
last of pork tenderloin in a container
1 envelope black pepper gravy
last of pkg hot dogs
last of box shake & bake
1 cake mix
rest of a container of peas
ziplock with 2 steaks
rest of container of margarine
1 box cereal
2 cans black beans
1 can tomato sauce
2 cans tomatoes ( need to get these used and restock)
2 ziplocks hamburger
2 onions
( made black bean chilli )
1 pkg black pepper gravy
end of box taquitos out of freezer
last of hot dog buns
1 can corn
end of pkg garlic bread
2 1lb pkgs spaghetti noodles
1 jar spaghetti sauce
3 ziplocs chicken
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Niko, it was continued in June, just added to the May thread.
Thank you, went back and looked and I'd even posted in don't know whether to post July here or in the other one...not being labeled June threw me off...double ugh! of spaghetti sauce in fridge along with
1 ziplock hamburger
1 jar spaghetti sauce partially empty
1 new jar sauce...all mixed have a BIGGER container of spaghetti sauce in fridge. But done for another night
1 partial box noodles
1 full box noodles
rest of pkg garlic bread from fridge

Made some headway.
Last 2 days I've used...
last of container of reg coffee
last of container of decaf
2 frozen meals
last of container pepper gravy
last of jar mustard
last of jar miracle whip

lot of sandwiches last couple days
Yesterday for supper I fixed MORE spaghetti. Luckily they asked for it so win win. So 1 leftover container of sauce used out of fridge and while digging found another with a small amount so dumped it in too. NOW I have THAT sauce back in fridge but only 1 small container.

Used almost a whole box of spaghetti noodles, not quite.
Half box of garlic bread.
Also found in fridge a container with about a cup or so of black bean chili so heated it up over some Tostitos with some shredded cheese. I had that. Really good.

Also 2 cans chicken that hubby found and made chicken salad.

So 2 containers out of fridge and working down on that large stockpile of spaghetti sauce and noodles so I can replace with new dates.
Today used..
ziplock 2 chicken breasts
1 can corn
can chicken ( hubby still on chicken salad kick)
1 ziploc leftover pizza to work for lunch
1 ziploc pork spareribs baked with BBQ sauce for tomorrow night.
Ice Cream
1/2 box fish

ziplock of pizza...1 left

2 cans soup
1 cannister coffee
1 cannister coffee mate

Very small hole in freezer...but still a hole
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Another pkg ribs
Ziplock chicken

pkg gravy mix
mashed potatoes
Today used
1 pkg steak
1 can corn
1 can beans
rest of that pkg fish...gone
Out of here
2 cans soup
some veggies...made veggie plate with supper
end of bottle olive oil
end of jar relish
can of chicken
end of bag of shredded cheese
last 2 hot dogs out of the pkg
last 2 hot dog buns
last of a box of cereal
last of jar of pickles

Thrown away
container sour cream WAY past date
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Thursday, Friday and today..Saturday
Mac & cheese
pkg tuna
2 cans soup
1 can corn
last of box cereal
can Bushes grillin beans

ziplock chicken wings
ziplock chicken breasts
last of container margarine
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Yesterday, Sunday, was gone part of the day so don't know what he cleaned up.

another can corn

last of the eggs, so start fresh

3 potatoes out of the bottom of the bag, only a few left
Had to throw away some mashed potatoes in container in fridge.
Hate this, pkg hamburger I had in back fridge and forgot to divide and freeze.

Used up
2 containers already cooked hamburger in fridge
another box spaghetti
2 jars spaghetti sauce
1 jar mayonaise ( think new since last post)
2 cans chicken
1 ziploc chicken
1 ziploc wings
container pepper gravy from fridge
1 can corn
1 fridge container grillin beans

Got rid of lot of leftover items in fridge
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Last couple days used...
jar pickles gone
1 bag salad
several tomatoes
last bottle fabric softener
1 bag cookie mix

geesh, all I can think of but I know we ate...isn't that awful
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