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Jumping In!

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Hi! I'm a 34 year old Special Education Teacher. I live with my DH and our two cats in Upstate, NY. DH is a firefighter/paramedic and works part time for a Doctor's office. He is also a full time student working on becoming a RN! Whew!

I am looking for ideas to save money and help pay down debt. DH and I realized that we were living the high life for too long and if we wanted to purchase our forever home and start a family, we needed to buckle down! I find I really like Dave Ramsey because he is easy to follow.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone on the boards!
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:welcome2: Glad you have joined us.
Welcome! I just recently joined too and have already found so many useful tips, this place is great =) See you around.
Welcome neighbor! I live about 40 miles west of Albany & we have lot's of NYr's here....with all these taxes we need to save wherever we can.
Hope you make yourself at home!:apple:
Welcome jump right in make your self at home.
Welcome to FV Sagette. Glad you have joined us.
Welcome from CA:)
Welcome to Frugal Village!
welcome sagette !! there is a wealth of information here at frugle village !!!
Welcome to FV. !!
Welcome from So Cal
Hi and welcome from Minnesota! :wave2:
Welcome ... I'm pretty new here too. : )

Hi there and welcome from Holland.
Welcome to FV from NE Ohio.

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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