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I want to offer you an analogy I learned about when I was a college student at Duke University. Envision your life as a stool
with legs that represent three critical areas:
· Self- serving your own needs and interests
· Kids- attending to the needs of children and your relationship
with them
· Relationships with others- nurturing relationships with a partner,
extended family and friends

If we lose touch with any one leg, the stool will wobble and be difficult to balance. If we lose touch with two of the legs, the stool will fall.

In our society, many stools risk wobbling, and eventually falling. If you stay home full-time, it's easy to let the role of "mom" take over your life- as you strive to schedule numerous sports and enrichment activities for your kids and attend to their needs. If you work full-time, you may find yourself giving every minute of your free time to your children. In either case, you risk over-identifying with one role- "mother" and neglecting others.

If your stool is wobbling, you risk burnout, becoming sick or injured, or some other sign your body may use to express the imbalance. You risk becoming detached from others you care about as well as from your true self and your authentic happiness.

Our kids deserve excellent care, unconditional love and ample attention. After the foundation is set, however,they grow up
and move on. It's wise for us to make sure we have something vital left inside when they do.

Although "mom" may be your greatest priority, as it is mine, it is unlikely the only role you have. You are also an individual- as well as perhaps a wife, sister, daughter or friend. Take the time to consider all your roles and whether you are leaving enough room in your life to nurture them.

Bria Simpson, MA
Life Coach and Parenting Specialist

© 2004 by Bria Simpson
All rights and media reserved.
Helping moms strengthen and balance their family lives while rediscovering their own passions and interests.

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Great article!

Thanks so much for posting it! :) It's meaningful and helpful on many levels!
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