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kemma's eggrolls

Recipe Description
this is a good "clean out the fridge" meal​
Preparation Steps:
brown the ground beef
chop the veg
brown it all together with the soy sauce and the sesame oil​
Level of Difficulty:
Time Needed:
30 minutes​
eggroll wrappers
hoison sauce
pound of ground beef
veggies that need to be eaten
soy sauce
sesame oil
corn or peanut oil​
not sure​
hoison sauce for dipping: i find it needs to be watered down.

put the oil on to heat

assemble the eggrolls like the instructions on the package. fry in oil til they look done.

cut in half to cool before serving. be careful they are hot. serve with watered down hoison sauce​

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Yum! I usually do fried rice on Fridays to clean out my fridge of veggies that need to get eaten, bits of leftover meats, rice, eggs, few last slices of bacon, etc., but I could easily make these eggrolls as a variation of that. Thanks for the idea. Sounds really something my family would devour!
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