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Kentucky people? Any Prepers / survival types?

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Kentucky guy here, near Lexington....Working on survival food storage...just trying to put way enough for family in case times get rough...
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Check out the Preparedness and Survival sub-form in the Homesteading & Gardening forum.
You'll find lots of like-minded souls.
:welcome2:hey Rupp... Caoch Cal and the boys have done a great job this season.....My daughter lives in Lex..goes to UK she said the storm skirted right by her.. Hope u are well and safe

well anyway welcome and check out the stockpile forums..

from Floyd County HI!!!!!
Not near Lex, but close to the Paducah area. I'm all alone down here, if I even mention it to anybody I get laughed at. One person I can talk to about prepping, she says she believes in it but will complain about not having the money to buy a few extra cans of stuff then go run out and spend money on antiques.
Not in KY any longer, but most of my family is (scattered between NKY and Lex)

I grew up in NKY and went to college in Danville (Boyle Co). Welcome to the boards!

I like to hang out in the Survival/Preparedness sub forum. :)
Not in Kentucky but I am 30 mins from Owensboro - so close enough.

I think you are being smart in your planning (you can call it that instead of prepping to those that roll their eyes at you) like my own DH...

Keep up the good work!
I don't care hubs and I call it Zombie preparedness they look at us like we are crazy we laugh with them....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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