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Are your kids old enough to do their own? If so, I would seriously consider teaching them how.

I have friends that are just totally blown away, because I tell them that my kids do their own laundry.

My 15 ds. has been doing his for about 3 years now and my 13 dd. has been doing hers for about 2 years.

I bought them their own hanging laundry bag, I let them watch me sort clothes, measure the detergent and went over the water temp.
Which for the most part, we wash in cold.
Then I supervised them the first couple of weeks. After that, they were on their own.
I helped them when it came to folding for the first few weeks, but after that, they were responsible for doing their own folding (or lack thereof).

My kids have been watching & helping me do laundry since they were little, so it wasn't a hard transition for them to learn to do it all on their own.
When my 15 ds. skips his laundry day, and he runs out of clean t-shirts and starts to complain, I ask him if he's done his laundry this week.
It's pretty funny to see the look on his face, 'cause the only person he can blame is himself.

On a normal week, they both do two loads of laundry-1 dark, 1 light.
I wash all the sheets and towels.

This has taken a considerable amount of laundry off of me and it's also taught them to be self-reliant.

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My kids are 7, 4, and 2. My 7 year old puts away her own clothes, except for the hanging clothes, because she's just not quite tall enough and her bar is raised higher than standard (should lower that). My 4 and 2 year olds help me load the washer and I toss them the wet clothes from the washer to stick in the dryer (dh's work clothes) and they shove them in. My kids are great helpers and do lots of stuff around the house. Right now, however, they aren't quite old enough to do all of the laundry stuff for themselves.
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