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Leather Chaps for Hubby - WOO HOO!

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Hubby bought a Harley in February. He rides to work as much as possible (using the HOV lane). Now that it is getting chilly a friend had loaned him some leather chaps to use.

BUT another friend that frequents thrift stores (he sells used men and boys clothing on eBay), found a pair of men's leather chaps. They GAVE them to hubby last night. They are big in the legs, but we are going to take them to a shop that works with leather to get them taken in. Alteration has to be cheaper than buying him a brand new pair!

I know they paid less than $5 for them. Hubby is fixing their computer. We barter with them. We hate to take their money. They are struggling also (but not as much as we are).

He is also a big KISS fan. They gave him a collared, button down the front KISS shirt with the tags still on it. HE LOVES IT!

Thank goodness for good friends and thrift stores!
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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