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Lfl - Check-in 4/4

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Breakfast: 7 points
Honey nut shredded wheat
banana, 1/2
milk, 1 cup

Lunch: 4 points
Ham & Swiss sandwich on whole wheat bread
1/2 c. lite ice cream

Dinner: 9 points
Baked french fries, 1 serving
Boca burger
on bun w/ 1 slice swiss cheese
1 tbs. lite mayo and
romaine lettuce

Evening snack: 3 points
1/2 c. lite ice cream

My total points for the day is 26
My range is 22-27

I did the 3 mile WATP tape and drank all of my water.
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Great day Belinda!!

I had my normal breakfast/lunch but then when Carl came home he brought chow mein...I had about 1/2 a pint or so?
Then later that night he got a pizza (grrr no more take out for him lol) and I had about 1 medium slice. I also had 3 peices of candy right before bed :eek:
The good thing was instead of having more pizza, i had a salad and bread with p.b and applesauce instead :)

I didn't get a real workout in, since my cousin(dh's friend) was here playing guitars...sooo I just did a little bit of toning for about 10 minutes. I did some yoga/donkey kicks/leg raises that type of thing, and it really made me feel rejuvinated!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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