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I just upted my walking and did 1.26 miles. Won't do the bike today or tomorrow.

Also it was a totally vegetarian day.

How did everyone else do. Come on ladies, check in.

Edited to add: I have 3 different routes I walk. This is the one I like best and the one I can increase the amout of miles the easiest. I have walked 1.3 miles but its another route and I really don't like it quite as much.

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Congrats on day one of veg.!! And for increasing the walk!! WTG!!

I stayed with my food plan today and did my walking-I also bumped mine up and did 1.5 miles today. Am feeling really good about everything at the moment, but was struggling earlier this evening with wanting to eat anything and everything, and I wasn't even hungry!!:mad:

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I did bad today, not so bad with the quantity I ate, but I did eat when I wasn't even really hungry :( And not even healthy stuff.

Cereal (1 bowl)
Some pancake/sryup (about two small pancakes)
Fuji apple

few bites of pancake
2 quaker toastables

Spaggetti/meatballs (just a little bit)
1 pudding cup
1 oreo double stuft cookie
1/2 fuji apple
3 small tootsie rolls
1 small laffy taffy

I think there was something else I ate, but I can't remember. I did horrible with my water today. I slept in really late, and even took a nap in the middle of the day. It's just been a rainy dreary day.

I'm hoping I won't eat another thing for the rest of the night. I'm going to try to drink more water and hopefully I'll be able to post that I did some exercise. Since I did weights yesterday, I'll plan on doing yoga tonight.

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Hi everyone! Here's what my Saturday looked like:

Breakfast: 7 points
2 slices of whole wheat toast
w/ 1 tbs. B&B apple cinnamon spread
4 oz. unsweetened applesause
1 cup milk

Lunch: 6 points
Lean Cuisine French Bread Pepperoni Pizza

Dinner: 8 points
1 piece of baked flounder
1 cup pasta w/ 1 tbs parmesan cheese
Green beans

Snack: 2 points
Mint skinny cow

My total points for the day is 23
My range is 22-27

For exercise I did Kathy Smith's Ultimate Fat-Burning Workout (60 minutes), and Absculpt (25 minutes). My scales still aren't showing a loss, but I'm determined to keep up the muscle toning workouts. Drank about 9 glasses of water.
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