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Happy Easter everyone.

I plan on doing 7 miles on my bike this afternoon. I will probably walk also seeing has it is so beautiful outside.

I had 2 jelly beans and that was it for easter candy.

How is everyone else doing?

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Did my bike this morning and just came back from my walk this afternoon. The wind is pretty strong so I only walked 1 mile.


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WOW! You did GREAT! I should have borrowed some of your will power :D

I had a snickers egg, a small caramel cadbury egg, a few reeses peices, 4-5 of those malt balls, also 2/3 a can of squirt, and 1 can of dr. pepper. I think there might have been a couple other small peices of chocolate I had as well.

Then for my regular food..

I had

Breakfast: 4 slices turkey bacon, 1/2 fuji apple

Snack: Grahm Cracker and something else small

2 deviled eggs
1/2 an egg salad sandwhich
1/2 a hoagie style veggie sandwhich(with lettuce/onion tomato/cheese/fake meat and some mayo)
10 - 12 chips with two kinds of dip (1 tbsp worth total)
few raw veggies
2 strawberry's
Slice of Watermelon
1 slice cherry cheesecake
hmmm I think that was it..

1 p.b. sandwhich
1 egg salad sandwhich
1 slice cheesecake
1/2 grahm cracker

Dinner was just leftovers that we had in the car...otherwise it'd have been more balanced.

If I'm not too tired I want to do a denise austin workout before bed. (about 20 minutes long)

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Breakfast: 5 points
2 slices of whole wheat toast w/
1 tbs. B & B spread
1/2 c. unsweetened applesauce

No lunch we had an early dinner out.

Dinner: 21 points
Grilled chicken tenders w/ 1 tbs. honey mustard
Green beans
Mashed potatoes w/ gravy
Corn muffin

My total points for the day is 26
My range is 22-27

I did the Kathy Smith Ultimate Fat Burning workout (60 minutes)
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