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Today I did kathy Smith's lower body firming workout. I feel great! Not sore, but I feel that nice pull on my muslces like I got a good workout :D

Today I ate (to the best of my knowledge)

4 oz. La Creme Mousse with 1 tblspoon ground flax seed
1 Red Apple
1 banana
About 3 tablespoons peanut butter, maybe only 2?
About 3 slices wheat bread (might have been 2?)
Grilled spinach/celery/onion/zucchini with a scrambled egg, in dab of olive oil and soy sauce.
1 teaspoon grape jelly
1 bowl bran flakes with evap. milk/water
2 *Bites of grilled cheese sandwhich
1 1/4 cup sherbert/vanilla swirl ice cream
Seedless grapes (about 15?)

ok i know i'm forgetting some things but that's the gist of it :)

how's everyone elses day?
(oh and I think I did somewhat ok with water...could have used more)
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