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Hi everyone!!

Well I started off with lots of energy this morning, but now I am pooped. LOL

I have walked outside for 2 miles, done a 2 mile watp tape and my glider & video.

Eating is not so bad today, but I wish these sweet cravings would just go away!!!!

Have half of my water in and am swilling on the second bottle.

How are you all doing today??

CJ-I wanted to ask you what kind of bike did you get?? and is it here yet??

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I have been running around doing lot's of housework all morning...

Breakfast: 8 oz. rasberry yogurt low fat~ With some chopped up honeydew and basic 4 cereal mixed in to it.

Snack: 1 sliced honey white bread with P.B, Honey, Applesauce and Imitation Bacon Bits (I swear it's like a slice of heaven!)

Lunch: Green beans, Turkey/lettuce wrap with mustard

Snack: Honeydew, cereal with peanut butter

Dinner: Little Pizza's, Salad

Snack: Celery with dip

Exercise: 2 Pilate's workouts, walking with ayla

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Audrey, I'm picking it up tomorrow. I'll let you know then.

I just finished biking 8 miles and I also walked to the post office twice today. I shouldn't have because my foot is really bad, but I just needed to get out, needed to pick up the mail and needed to pick up some groceries.

Haven't gotten my water in yet.


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Spent 8 hrs in a car today...but still managed to eat well and drink all my water! If the energy holds out I might go for a walk this evening.

2 pieces whole grain toast with tbsp peanut butter
skim milk

2 turkey pepperoni

Wendy;s Grilled chicken sandwich
brought my own diet caffeine free pepsi and just asked for cup with ice
Special K bar

1 oatmeal raisin cookie

8 (large) ravioli with pasta sauce
1 cup of grapes
canned beets

Drank 64 oz of water....32 oz before I left for my trip...and 32oz when I got back!

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