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I'm late posting this, but I had a great day Thursday :)

For exercise:
In the morning I did a denise austin 30 minute fat burning workout while she ate breakfast.

Later in the morning I took Ayla to the pool and we swam for about 10 minutes or more. I used my body to twist (mainly using my torso) to spin her in circles while she was in her floaty boat. It was a great workout!

In the afternoon while she napped I did my Firm Cardio Sculpt workout. (it's about 59 minutes long)

Late in the evening all three of us walked around the block twice.

I don't feel a bit sore this morning either! :D

For food:

Breakfast: Bowl of cereal (Some granola some bran with milk and blueberries)

Lunch: Spinach, ranch and baco bits
1 Orange, Ygourt with watermellon and a bit of granola

Snack: Celery PB, Peas

Dinner: Yogurt/granola/chopped watermellon, Chili Beans, Diced tomato's/green chile's/ 1 slice honey wheat berry bread, 1 chocolate chip cookie (I think I used less butter in the mix than it called for)

Snacks in the evening: 1 cookie, 2 creamsicle popsicles, some coke

I was doing great till I had the cookies :(
Ayla really wanted them (saw the mix and gave it to me with a big grin and saying 'uhh uhhh uhhh' ROFL! But I will do my best not to have any cookies today, just popsicles!

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I did my bike as well as walking .6 miles to the post office. Starting on Tuesday of next week, I want to start walking again. I'll start increasing the post office walk and see how my foot responds. Its much improved from before.

Eating is okay, water another story.

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