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I started the day off with a 30 minute lower body Pilates workout.

Then in the afternoon I walked with ayla for at least an hour. (pushing her in a stroller and against somewhat hard winds so I got a lot of resistance!)

Before bed I plan on doing my butt exercises. My new one is something I saw on 'rock bodies III' on VHI. it was the one where beyonce is balanced on a ball and lifting her pelvis up with a barbell on on her pelvis...

Breakfast and lunch was sensible. The only problem with my dinner is I ate it RIGHT before I went for a I woke up with that awful feeling in my stomach. On the bright side it did keep me from chowing down all night! I just have my 'midnight' snack which was pretty reasonable considering what I sometimes eat late at night ;)

I could have done better water wise, and I did not do well veggie wise :eek: I better have some carrots right now! ;)

how did you guys do today?
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