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Well, I just had a nice little nap or I would have posted this sooner :D

I have been doing surprisingly well with my water lately! On the downside, it's only because every glass I drink is just NOT quenching my thirst :( I guzzle one down and my mouth still feels dry!? and another and another ugh!

Today I did for exercise:
30 minute Kathy Smith Peak Fat burning workout
30 minutes of my own circuit training both lower and upper body,including some crunches and stretching.

~I am hopefully going to also do 30 minutes of my K.S. pilates for Abs.~

Breakfast: Frosted shredded wheat mixed with basic 4 cereal, milk and water and some craisins

Snack: frosted shredded wheat and peanut butter

2 boiled egg whites (tasted horrible!) :(
1 refried bean soft taco with sour cream
1 medium slice of watermellon
2 teaspoons of peanut butter
Seems like there was something else?

(planned) Dinner: Grilled (no oil) mixed veggie quessadilla with some mozzerella cheese, & spinach/tomato on scrambled egg whites

Snack: Bowl of Chili

I think I'm going to try to eat more protein for a while (kinds with not much fat if I can, like beans, egg whites..) to see if that helps show my muscle any better or not. I'm still eating white bread so hopefully I can cut that stuff out.

How is everyone else doing today?

Heather Bob
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I am posting this a day late.....yesterday I was outside all day helping take down a wheelchair ramp for our neighbour down the road. (from his old place to put on the front of the farmhouse he's in now) He also told me I could dig up as many plants, bulbs etc. as I wanted SO I got major exercise and since it was HOT out I drank TONS of water.....very productive day. Now mind you the Kentucky Fried Chicken wasn't the healthiest for supper but I had one piece and had a spoonfull of macaroni salad and a spoonful of coleslaw.:)
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