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Well, so far for the week, monday I did no exercise, and I think I did ok with my eating. I did not do perfect but just ok.

Tuesday I did 28 minutes of Denise Austins tv workout on the lifetime channel (step aerobics and some weights), a 15 minute fast walk pushing ayla and about 5 minutes of crunches and glute toning.
Eating that day was awesome!

Wednesday I did good with my eating...I've been journalling my food a lot better since tuesday....I've realized I like tuna!!! Tastes just like chicken when it's tuna salad, and it's cheaper too! Plus a great source of low fat protein!
I did 1 hour of my own routine of cardio and weights. I used heavier weights than normal and felt great afterwards! I also walked about an hour later that night :)
My indulgence yesterday was eating a medium slice of full fat chocolate cake. My neighbor had a craving for one, then my husband did I made one and man was it good!! Crumbly but good!

Anyways, so that's the last few days in a nutshell. I'm going to try to rest most of today because I worked my muscles so hard yesterday. Yoga type stretching is about all I'll do besides some light walking and regular housework I do.

How's everyone elses week started out like?
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