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Were almost into the month of May. Lets set some goals for our LFL program.

I'd like to do the following:

- lose 8 lbs
- increase my walking so that by the end of the month, I'm up to 1.6 miles (each 1/10 of a mile is really hard to get started for me)
- increase my bike to 10 miles

- increase my water intake (I'm still struggling with this one)

- introduce a couple of new veggies into my diet. I seem to always stick with the familiar when it comes to veggies and I'd like to start experimenting with a few new ones this month.

For the month of April, I met or exceeded all my goals except my water intake.


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Well, I didn't meet my weight loss goals this month...but I did continue with the water and the running...
This month I want to lose 5 pounds
Cut down on the wine consumption
Try a new class at the gym....kickboxing or pilates.

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As I have posted in the past, I need to drink the required 8 glasses of water each day and do my walk away the pounds tape 3 times a week and go to Curves 2 times.

Sounds simple, huh? :toothy: I wish it were so!

But I keep it as my goal, maybe I will actually commit to it and accomplish it.

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I'm gonna set a goal and see if it helps motivate me.
I want to lose 5 pounds in May.
I need to increase my water consumption.
I want to cut back on white flour products and increase the veggies.
I want to walk outside every day even if it's just for a few minutes.

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My goals are to walk almost everyday on the track (right across the street from my house *ahem*), starting with a mile.
DRINK more water and less sweetened tea! These 2 things alone make such a huge difference for me.

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ok, guess i'll go next!;) maybe if i set some goals in writing, i'll be more likely to stick to them!!:(

*lose at least 5 lbs.
*drink more water and less caffeine free diet coke!
*walk outside at least every other day (at least through our woods)
*cut waaaaayyyyy down on junk food!! (choc.~got carried away with easter)

ok, i hope i can stick to this!!!!!;) ;)

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I didn' t stick to my exercise like I'd hoped to this month..but I think I did ok all in all.

For May my goals are:

Use lettuce leaves as my bread for sandwhiches. That alone can save me about 110-200 calories for each sandwhich I would have eaten :)
I'll try to save my bread for things like grilled cheese, and french toast..stuff that wouldn't work with lettuce ;)

Jog with ayla when the day's are sunny

Do yoga or pilates 3 times a week

Do a Firm sculpting workout 2 times a week

Do my ab workout at *Least once a week

increase my water and veggie intake.

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Ok..............I have been off track lately........I received a great package of information and have been reading, reading, reading and looking things up on the internet, finding what is best for me!! I am going to be following a plan, drinking tons of water (not a problem for me) and the hardest thing...exercise!!! This is the thing that ruins me....I know I have to do it for the meal plan to work but I get off course so easy. I have an exercise bike that I was faithful with the beginning of the year.

~follow meal plan
~drink tons of water!!
~lose 10 pounds (if I follow plan it shouldn't be hard;) )
~use exercise bike everyday (finding a good time and schedule it in!!)

There are others but for this month I think I will concentrate on the above! I must be held accountable...everyone hear that???? LOL!!!

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Ok I have been thinking on this and have come up with the following...
1) Drink at least 2 qts of water everyday
2) Continue to walk every day
3) do WATP tape at least 5 times a week-the 3 mile if at all possible
And last but certainly not least (and the one I will need ALL your help with...
4) Quit Smoking

I feel I am ready to do it and want to in all reality, but I sure do get grouchy-feel sorry for my family!!! ROFL
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