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LFL Tuesday 5/13 Check In

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It's a great day today! Sunny and warm :)

I've started my day off with 40 minutes of Denise Austin Pilates.
It actually got me sweating at little bit!
I plan on also doing either a Firm workout, or my abs/thighs workout.

So far I've just had Brunch: Frosted shredded wheat with milk/water and craisins
1 small orange
1 whole wheat bread w/ ICBINB and Marmalade

Lunch: ? Turkey sandwhich w/ lots of romaine and mustard and...?

Dinner: ? Chicken and boiled red potato's with a side of spinach ?

How are you guys doing? :)
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Started off my morning with WATP 1 mile tape from the library. It isn't too much of a workout for my legs, but my arms certainly felt it! I have a couple more tapes at the library waiting for me.

B: none - early dr appt
L: pork chops, vegs, milk
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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