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LFL weigh ins June 29 - July 5

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I was going to wait until Monday to weigh but I couldn't wait as I have noticed a difference the way my clothes fit. I knew I had to have lost something. I am on the Atkins diet like some of the others here. This was my first weekof the induction phase. I didn't realize this diet would be so easy. I thought there was more to it than what it is. I love it. My total for 1 week is:
8 pounds!

Yippee! Now if it could all go that way. I keep my fridge stocked up sliced up cucumbers, lettuce and celery. So when I get the munchies I just have some of them.:D
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Great job Michelle and CJ! Doesn't it make you feel good to lose?? I am excited about this. I just hope I don't fall off.
Congrats Lucie!! You are doing great!!
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