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Little Jellybean going for neuter tomorrow

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That sweet little guy in my Avatar (or mister evil) is going to be neutered tomorrow. I just hate leaving them, if only you could explain it to them. I'm hoping this little devil will calm down a bit. Jellybean came to us sometime ago and loves to pester my older cat, I don't think they will ever really get along, but if he could just mellow out a bit...we could all get along. He is the baby and I love him, will he ever mellow out!!!

This morning I had just wiped down the kitchen floor and moved on to do the bathrooms....when I came back he had been in my flower pot on the patio (I left the door open) and he had drug back to my kitchen a big dirt claud and was rolling it back and forth....tail a flappin and dirt a flyin. He is into everything and has a very stubborn little attitude.

I wanted a kitten for the longest time and I must say I think this will be the last one. I had forgotten what a challenge they can be .
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What a cutie pie! Neutering is the best thing for him. He will be healthier and live longer. I hope he feels great tomorrow!
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