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This was taken from the University of Calgary's Student Development Center: No wonder we get weary sometimes!!


Transferable Skills

If you have spent some of your time as a homemaker, you have developed a number of Transferable Skills. The list below indicates activities that you may have done in each category.


household chores

your own personal time

the time of children/family

volunteer events

preparing for parties or other social activities


helping others resolve personal problems

understanding the feelings and emotions of others


oral communication skills

resolving disputes between two parties


showing empathy & understanding




keeping track of children

teaching someone new skills

showing patience

using new ways of teaching/explanation to suit the individual

offering constructive criticism

helping someone learn from his/her mistakes


interior decorating of your home

flower arranging/gardening


doing crafts

cooking creatively & presenting food in an appealing fashion


keeping a household budget or the budget of a volunteer organization


making wise purchasing decisions

managing a different financial situation

balancing a chequebook


home repair projects

managing renovations

exercising regularly

doing household chores

repairing an automobile or home appliance


situations where you had to solve a problem: for example with children's school, with a store or a bank, or just dealing with a difficult situation


taking responsibility in making family decisions

taking responsibility in handling financial matters

completing assigned home, community, business tasks on time

seeing projects through to completion, even if bored or frustrated

going beyond own convenience to complete a job as promised

taking responsibility for the satisfactory completion of a major repair or renovation

volunteering to take responsibility for a community event


accepting another's decision even when it contradicts my own

working with others on committee or in groups

working under the direction of another

accepting constructive criticism

successfully communicating ideas to others

understanding when to hold back and when to assert opinions

making suggestions others considered important or valuable

ability to work, when necessary, with difficult individuals


ability to adapt to unexpected guests or sudden changes in schedules

setting aside own plans when needed

changing direction on a project, as appropriate

changing opinion when a good argument was put forward

comfortable with open-ended situations and able to make plans spontaneously

ability to leave one task and switch to a more important need as the situation demands

ability to adapt to changing styles and attitudes of associates


improvising in emergency situations

capable of obtaining information

finding solutions to problems in the family or in the community

developing skills independently

ability to ask for assistance or direction as required


establishing systems, either formal or informal, to handle daily tasks

accomplishing a variety of tasks at one time

scheduling errands/arranging chores to avoid the needless waste of time

keeping appointments on time

running a busy household, organizing/co-ordinating family activities

managing budgets to meet family or community needs

organizing other people's efforts


setting appropriate priorities

setting work priorities on volunteer/community projects

delegating work to others

keeping confidences

arguing or keeping quiet, as the moment required

using discretion in setting long-range plans

evaluating own work realistically

recognizing own strengths and weaknesses

assessing requirements of a project and determining whether or not to take on the task

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With doing all that....We should me making lots and lots of $$ :D

I don't wanna hijack Heather's thread but sometime last year I either heard ,or read something about a group of women trying to make the goverment pay SAHM's...Did anyone else read or hear about this?? Wouldn't it be nice though..... But I bet they wouldn't think we were worth much per hour eh?!

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I read somewhere if they paid mothers the minimum wage for each individual job that they do how much it would be ~ it was enormous, and basically nobody could afford it and it would crash the economy LOL.

So how come it's so hard to get a job, because you're not qualified for anything and you've ONLY been a mother!

That makes me so mad ~ when you think on top of that people are homeschooling and responsible for special needs children, administering medication etc. And your 'just' a mum!

I think I'll print this off, at least for my own self esteem or maybe I'll try to get a job with it just to see if I can LOL.

It's very interesting ~ Thank you :)

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I should add this to my resum'e .............:D

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When I do get back into the paid workforce after 18+ years out of it won't I be the grandest tiger in the jungle when I list my accomplishments.
I am a valuable asset. I like that, looks pretty good on me.:D
Thanks for the confidence boost Heather!

Master Dollar Stretcher aka AmyBob
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Those are great skills to add to a resume!!
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