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Looking for marinades?

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Here's a site that has bunches.:) Have fun with the dancing veggies.
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I am hoping I pick a good one for our steak tips for tomorrow night...I had 2 new recipe (not marinades) flops today :rolleyes:
I think I'm going to try this one. I don't have any alcohol to cook with here, and I don't have ginger either. I looked at several that had those ingredients before picking this one:

Coke Marinade

12 ounce can Coca Cola
1/2 cup orange juice
onion powder
garlic powder
bay leaf

Mix Coca Cola and orange juice. Add seasonings to taste.
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It's the grilling time of year here...bumping this up for the marinades :chef2:
I had my steak marinating in Good Season's Italian dressing (the kind you mix yourself in a cruet), and it was delicious when cooked on the grill. We will definitely be doing that one again :thumb:
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