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Looking for marinades?

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Here's a site that has bunches.:) Have fun with the dancing veggies.
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Originally posted by leeleeaub
Here is a great one for steaks or chicken
put your meat in a 13x9 pan
put enough dales seasoning to cover
sprinkle with season salt
sprinkle with garlic powder
Cover and put in fridge for about 6 hours
It gives the most delightful flavor and makes the meat very tender.

This is how I marinade mine,except I also add some black pepper. We love Dale's :D


My uncle did work for Dale's (birmingham,Al) till the company sold out. The new owners fired every single person and hired a whole new work crew.Anyways..He'd bring all the family bottles and bottles of Dale's sauce :)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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