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This is the second book in the Tucker Mills Trilogy. Although the first one was a little slow in getting going, this peaks your interest right from the start.

Bound as an indentured servant to the Tucker Mills Banks and it's controlling manager, Reese Thackery finds comfort in her faith and her friends. She vows to serve her remaining two years with a willing heart.

But that's before bank owner Conner Kinglsey - all six-foot-six of him-rides into town to audit the bank's business dealings. Thinking that things are finally looking up, Reese starts her work at the Kingsley family manor but recoils from Connor's imposing physical presence, haunted by memories of another master. Not even Conner's soft voice and kind gestures can comfort her.

When the bank manager turns vengeful, Conner and Reese must become allies. Can Reese see beyond her place as a servant to accept God's larger plan for her future- and her heart?
This is a fun book. Not only does it speak about Conner and Reese's new found friendship, it also shares where Faith and Maddie's life has taken them. Again, this is another book than can be read in a couple days. Another enjoyable read.
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