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!!Not an advertisement!!

Magical Coconut Fiber Brush&Scrub

100% Natural Coconut Fiber
(Remove Grease amd Dirt without Detergent or Soap)

We are looking for fifty selected household in the U.S. to participate in this product feedback. Each household will receive a free sample of the acutal product(Magical Coconut Fiber Brush). If you would like to participate please send an email with your name and address to [email protected] and for the first fifty selected household, they will receive a free sample of a "Magical Coconut Fiber Brush&Scrub.
The sample will be mail it to you with no charge, we are only asking you to provide your feedback to the online community and to us.

"Magical Coconut Fiber Brush&Scrub"~healthest way to clean your cookware.
Made by 100% natural coconut fiber, no chemical added.
Usage: Washes dishes, pot, and pans easily without leaving scratch mark. Remove grease and dirt on cookware and bakeware without Detergent or Soap.

If you would like to particiate in this please send your name and address to [email protected]. Limit one per household. This is not a spam and not an advertisement. The acutal product is not in the U.S. market yet.
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