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Just a simple thing. I do it without thinking, but wonder how many other people think to do this.

Let your spray cleaner sit for a minute or two to work into the soil before wiping or scrubbing off.

Less effort, because by letting the cleaner penetrate the soap scum, grease or other dirt, you are letting the water and cleaner do their work.

Less cost because you don't spray it twice to get the job done.

I learnt that years ago from Don Aslett in one of his books.

Learn to feel what the clean surface feels like. It feels slightly different, more slippery somehow, once the cleaner is done. Test it with your scrubber or cloth, but if it's not done let it sit longer.

I just had a shower to try and help my headache, and I was doing my usual, putting some shampoo (cheap) on the nylon body scrubby, and applying it without a lot of scrubbing, then got back to it a few minutes later (applied conditioner to my hair in the meantime, and scrubbed feet with pumice).

When I got back to it, all it took was a one step wipe down with the puff, before rinsing with the shower wand (doing my conditioner at same time)

and the shower walls are back to sparkling clean.

But I do it with red juice (my home diluted spray cleaner) on counter tops, with windex on window spots esp above sinks! and all round the house.

Let the cleaner have a little time to work before getting in there and wiping it off. It'll work better, with less effort and be cheaper too.

And I got some plaster compound on a chair a while back while working on the reno. The wet washcloth from my shower is sitting on it while I write this, softening and loosening. I'll get it before the water works thru the paint into the wood of the chair, but I"m sure not wasting time trying to chisel that plaster off. I'm letting the water work for me.

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You are so right about letting it sit. Takes a few min for things to sit and get all nice and lose with the liquid cleaner. Just wipes or sprays away. Why work harder if you don't have to?
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