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I just weighed in!!! Down 1.5 lbs from last week, even with some serious indulgences. But ironically, I crave raw veggies most of the time, so cravings for junk don't happen often.

Dh and I agreed on gym membership. Did my research and got it for $20 off per month! Pays to be a community league member. I used to love swimming and weighlifting and the local city run gym(which means my membership is good at a ton of places city wide), has a FULL pool, not a mini, offers lots of "free" with membership drop in programs. I did register for a Women on Weights program. It runs 7 weeks. And since osteoporsis is in the family, I thought this would be great to work in.

So, now, I am officially on the calendar for 7 weeks of weight lifting instruction. We will recruit help for the kids activities if there is a conflict. And once the ice schedule comes in for the kids, I'll be booking my pool and weightlifting times on the calendar. After obsessing on what to do for the last 4 days, tears of silliness and all, I'm feeling excited. I even got a new swimsuit, but that was depressing thing to do, I really don't like full length mirrors, they tell the truth*sigh*, but gotta start somewhere. I picked out a plain one, but when I reach my goal, and if I do like the pool, I have my eye on a really pretty one. It's black background and has what looks like hot pink ribbon ribbon twisting all over it. It's nice. Modest but nice.

Now that covers 2 of 3 components. It may cover 3, a friend of mine may join me at the gym, but I doubt it. Although she said once my cough is finally gone, (dealing with that), she will keep me posted on Zumba that her dance school is offering. So we'll see.

I did touch base with a lady that offers a scrapbooking class. Which would provide the social that is missing in weights and swimming. But hey, when you don't play a team sport....

Now that we looking into it all. I'm excited! :crackup: I can't wait for Sunday afternoon, and I can go to my first class. I hope to get to the gym, tomorrow evening, tonight I'm on chauffeur duty, dh is working late, so we can add my activities.

I can't wait to get started on the physical end of my goals. That will boost my metabolism, energy and immune. Overall EVERYTHING.

I don't know, but dh is so sweet :) Although he says I spoil him.... He spoils me even more.
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