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It's going to be one busy day for me. Here's my list....

*Adli & Jewel
*Take the car (the one I'm selling) to be looked at. I heard a noise coming from the engine yesterday and I want to make sure it's nothing major.

Hope everyone has a good day :)

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I have a few things to do today but not much:

~ Drive DD to school
~ Go pay the water/sewer bill
~ Let doggies out and watch them, Jack likes to dig in my newly mulched areas :(
~ Check and respond to emails
~ Straighten up around the house
~ Go to Price Rite and pick up a few things (grocery shop)
~ Throw garbage away
~ Post some items on FreeCycle
~ Pick up DD from school
~ Cook dinner
~ Watch a movie with DD

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Looks rainy here this morning.I need to head off to the store, visit a friend, then come home and do supper and cleanup. Have a good day everyone!

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List for today:
Work from 7:30a-2p
2 loads of laundry
cook supper
clean kitchen

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Morning all. Its going to be a rainy day here. Thats ok I am not going anywhere.

I need to finish cleaning the house. I have already:
made bed
emptied dishwasher
fed cats
cleaned cat boxes
straightened living room
I vacuumed yesterday but I need to do it again and didnt do my room so I need to do that.

I also need to organize the drawer in the hutch. Its a mess. Then I can just putter around. Have a good day

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I have a list of things to get done this week as we're having our annual Garden Party on Saturday. Then the next 3 weeks is solid work for us. 3 Applebees Resturants to repaint.

Sam's with list in hand
My dented Can store with list
Walk invites around to neighbors already mailed out others but like to hand deliver the ones in the neighborhood
Sort throught s few of the bags of tween clothes I got given this weekend post to freecycle
Wash up some of the fabric I got given on Sat. and send them off to a quliting friend

Laurie in Bradenton

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I may have bigger plans for myself today than I really want. LOL

clean litter pans -done
take out trash -done
feed dogs -done
pack DH's lunch -done
review email and forums with COFFEE! -doing
empty dishwasher
unpack from weekend trip
work 5 hr
relocate shelves basement to office
call Curves to find available hours
decide on and make dinner
choir rehearsal 2 hrs
crash into bed

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I am going to clean my house, get some more seeds to start, pick out a puppy (Yay!) and no telling what else.

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My to-dos today are:

1) Plan meals for the day
2) Clean off and organize nightstand (it is cluttered)
3) Work on my decluttering
4) Sweep & Mop

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Mine today:

-School dd in the morning. Hopefully she will get done before lunch
-Supervise piano practice (this means arguing with dd and listening to her whine for a whole 20 minutes while she does minimal practice)
-Make dinner (steak, mashed potatoes, salad, corn)
-Attend first of the year parent meeting for cheerleading--get competition package price for the year-proceed to pass out while handing over my ATM card---LOL
-Hope to make it to CVS

That's it for me today. I am not doing any housework beyond a little pick up and dishes.

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Well my day has kinda been turned upside down ;) . We got 12 inches of snow last night and school is delayed but I'm thinking it will be canceled as the roads aren't plowed yet.
Today I need to:
Clean kitchen (done)
Fold/hand 4 loads of laundry (half done)
clean cat litter
Put dinner in crockpot (bbq chix)
Make backing for bamboo shade that is totally see through from the street (its in our bathroom!)

I think thats about it for now - Have a good day everyone!

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Well so far today I have:
~ got my shower, styled my hair(new Do!)
~ got dgrandson up, feed and to school
~ took the dog to the vet for her annual check-up
~ folded a load of wash
~ started a load of towels

I have to:
~ hang out towels
~ put more wash in
~ go to the store for milk and salad stuff
~ go to pharmacy
~ doctors appointment at 4..My allergies are really bad
~ make dinner
~ watch Little people big world
~ go to bed:applause:

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~Took DD to class (9:00)
~Pick DD up from class(12:00)
~Make some dinner (before 4:00)
~Deposit a few checks(whenever I feel like it)
~Take DD to my mom so they can go shopping tonight(4:30)
~Take DS to batting practice(5:00-6:15)
~Go to DS's baseball game(have to be there at 6:30, game starts at 7:30)

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It rained again during the night. When is this rain going to stop?

So far today I have:
Gotten up, dressed, brushed my teeth
Fed the dogs
Made the bed
Practiced my presentation for Psychology class

I still need to:
Go to Psychology class
Write up outline for Wednesday's presentation
Straighten the kitchen
Work on laundry (been putting this off)
If there is time, read for fun

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Today I need to continue cleaning up after DD's 8th birthday/slumber party. (Lots of fun had by all! :))
Need several things at the grocery store.
Laundry, lots! (I can never seem to catch up :sigh:)
Make cupcakes and bring to DD's class to celebrate her
Pray for some "showings" of our house today (nothing since price reduction on May 1st :thud:)

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Today is sunny and in the 60's: I have made the bed and had lunch.

I need to load the dishwasher and clean the kitchen counter tops. Make sure the cats have enough food/clean water and then clean the kitty litter box.

I am going to the bank, Aldi, and the $1 Store this afternoon. Making creamy crock pot chicken for dinner over egg noodles. Then volunteering at the cat shelter this evening.

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Today it's suppose to be 70* :yipee: so I'm...
washing a load of wash cloths & hand towels to hang out
then I have another load to wash & dry
scanned milk delivery
send in my scans
add up this weekends savings
clean & restock bathroom
reorganized laundry room
reorganized storage area
cleaned kitchen
got monthly grocery shopping done
done daily reading
had breakfast & coffee
clean office
garbage & recyle emtied
have a train ready to mail
dairy bill ready to mail
finally got a box for Malycia things to be shipped
checked out DHL for pick up & shipping to Ga
checked emails
done daily surveys
dishes done
living room cleaned up
file coupons

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It's 5pm and I'm just getting to this thread if that's any indication to how my day has been :thud:

This AM:
~got the kids off to school
~made the boys' lunches
~loaded & run the dishwasher
~washed two loads of laundry
~went to accounting class even though I really didn't want to

This PM:
~stalked Lime & Violet's shop until it opened, bought my one skein of yarn and squealed like a little girl
~hung out two loads of laundry
~washed another load of laundry
~had lunch
~picked up the kids from school
~knit on my all season shell (tank top/sleeveless top)
~took the kids outside to play

Now I'm working on my economics paper before I go start dinner.
My back is killing me cuz I pulled it while carrying the loads of wet laundry up the basement stairs to the outside. Blah.

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I know you didn't mean it that way, but having been in San Diego when Manic Monday was a girl going to school and shooting people - that term still sends chills through me. Hope your day improved, and aren't we all glad we are more stable than that!
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