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Mark's Leeky Lentil Tom Kha

Recipe Description
A version of Thai tom kha soup with extra vegetables added and final consistency more like a stew. A vegan option is easily made.​
Preparation Steps:
Chop all of the fresh vegetables to whatever size you feel is appropriate for soup.​
Level of Difficulty:
Time Needed:
60 - 90 minutes​
List A:

1 cup dry lentils
1 cup rice
6 cups water
3 cups chicken stock*
1 leek
400 mL coconut milk
1 small yellow onion
2 tablespoons red curry paste
3 tablespoons fish sauce**
4 large carrots
2 fist size (large) potatoes (maybe 3 medium potatoes)
1 tablespoon lime juice
2 tablespoons Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

List B:

2 bell peppers
1/2 lb mushrooms
1/2 cup fresh cilantro

* use vegetable stock for vegan
** use soy sauce for vegan​
about 8​
Mix everything*** from list A well under medium heat for 10 minutes. Then increase to medium-high heat to being to a boil, then return to medium heat so that the total cooking time is 30 minutes (an additional 20 minutes). Then add list B. Add spices (or use less in the beginning) to taste. Reduce to medium-low heat for 15 minutes stirring well (or until lentils and rice are fully cooked). Add a little more lime juice for flavor right before serving.

*** Mix curry paste thoroughly - helpful to mix it in to liquids before adding chopped vegetables to pot - heat not needed until vegetables added.​
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