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:coffee: Good morning fellow Villagers!
It's a beautiful sunny day in northern NY. Hope Mother Nature is being as kind do you today.

Done so far:
~drove all 4 kids to school
~packed dh's lunch
~washed & hung out 1 load of laundry
~put another load in the washer (about to go hang it out & start another)
~had my coffee & breakfast
~got dressed
~took the dogs out
~opened all the blinds (12 of them!!) & the front doors

Still need to:
~finish about 5 more loads of laundry
~load & run the dishwasher
~pick up the living room
~clean up the kitchen
~vacuum downstairs
~put away laundry
~work on my website
~block my shawl

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Good Morning Heather and everyone,

Working slowly in the back 5 acres ripping out berry bushes.
( they haven't produced anything but new bushes in 3 years, so out they go )
Putting a big garden in there instead. ( pumpkins and squash, cucumbers.
cabbage etc.......)
Have a good day

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The weather is beautiful here today, sunny and a slight breeze.

So far I have:
Gotten up, dressed
Had breakfast

Still need to:
Feed the dogs
Make the bed
Study for tomorrow's accounting test
Straighten up a little around the house

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~Take Ali to her class
~Pick her up from her class
~Pick out the color from Home Depot to repaint the inside of the house
~Go through some of our clothes and throw away the things we won't wear again.
~Do a little more work on the pool
~Take John to batting practice
~Go to John's baseball game

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It is beautiful here in Central NY today :). The sun is shining and it's warmer than yesterday. All I have done today is spent an hour or so cleaning up the mess on my balcony. Squirrels dug through my balcony garden last night and dumped potting soil all over and destroyed most of my young plants I am growing from seeds. I swept up the dirt, and salvaged what I could and replanted my tiny plants and then watered them all. Now I need to figure out how to put a stop to the squirrels.
The rest of today:
Make the bed
Unload and then load the dishwasher back up
Feed/water the kitties
Clean the kitty litter
straighten up around the apartment (maybe vacuum)
Go to the post office
Read and enjoy the sunshine on the balcony
Make dinner and dessert
Volunteer at the Cat Shelter

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We put in our garden yesterday so all my outdoor jobs are done pretty much...

today's to do list:

make ds2 some new jammie pants
-and jammie shorts

for my business:
call my hostess for this comming saturday's party confirm last minute details
and mapquest her location

general chores:

update ds1's progress
get him to start next reading book

weedwhack (only if ds2 takes a nap)

call my mom, see how she's doing.

figure out dinner and make it

that's about it...

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It's beautiful here today also. High around 83 today.

So Far:
I got up - major project some days LOL
Ate breakfast.
Called Cardiologist - on hold forever!
Paid bills for the rest of the month!

Still have to do:
Make bed.
check out garden and pick some greens for a salad
Cook lunch
I'm not too ambitious today! Long weekend of parties for high school and college graduations.

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Here's my lis of things to do for the day--

~Water the yard--just seeded the yard and trying to get grass to grow
~Vacuum the floor
~Empty the dishwasher
~Laundry--electricity was out for a couple of hours yesterday
~Pick up girls from school
~1 child has dance tonight, so I'll be dropping off and picking up
~Cook all meals from home

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Here in Ga it is now about 78 degrees.
I have so far
~Kids up for school
~to the bus
~clean and straightened the carport (gonna be a nice day)
~made breakfast for kids I sit
~worked with child 1 on shapes
~worked with child 2,3,4 on alphabets
~had coffee
~washed dishes
~4 loads of laundry
~made the beds
~swept kitchen
~did the dishes
~made chicken soup
~feed kids lunch
~fixed naps mats
~talked to my mother
And now everyone is asleep and I will rest a bit.

Still have to
~put chemicals in pool
~wash a load of towels
~fix dinner.. and veggies (love my rice cooker)

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Nothing much today except:

~ Make Bed
~ Drive DD to school
~ Straighten up around the house
~ Pay some bills online (phone/internet and cell phones)
~ Put dishes away from dishwashing load last night
~ Show contractors work that needs to be done
~ Pick up DD from school
~ Reheat dinner
~ Go Bowling Tonight w/ DH, DD and a friend of ours
~ Come home watch a movie / Go to bed

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Wow, I thought I was so busy, lol. It's nothing compared to you ladies. Of course, I'm a little slower than usual these days:) Dd is home sick as she was up all night sick so I was up all night and I'm dragging. We're in the middle of moving right now so I'm sure you can only imagine what everything looks like here.

So far:

Scrubbed down every cupboard, wall, stove, microwave in kitchen
Scrubbed down downstairs bathroom
Scrubbed hallway baseboard and scuff marks (surprisingly I won this battle)
Got two children fed lunch (hoping they both keep it down, lol)
Ordered something we need (I know...that's such a challenge)
Planned out dinner (didn't think spaghetti would go over well with a stomach bug in the house so had to rethink it)
Dressed ds, but not so what's the point

Still have to:

Pack at least a couple of boxes
Finish clearing the kitchen counter and wipe down
sweep the cats' hallway as they have litter everywhere somehow
make a few calls about possible rentals
Get mentally organized so I can face all that's coming
would like to change an upcoming appt but doubt that'll happen
take a nap (I'm useless if I'm not properly rested so after being up all night I'm going to rest when AJ does)
put away clean laundry and start the next several loads....I detest laundry

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So far I have...
made potatoe salad
got dishes done
cleaned kitchen
dairy delivered
scanned dairy
charged scanner
checked emails
written 4 letters
sent a card
done daily reading
gave dad $ for more stamps
took care of kittys needs
made meatloaf
dusted livingroom
have a load of laundry washed & drying
checked out printable coupons
looking for some trades
took meds
filled daily pill box
organized pantry
filled oil bottle, sugar jar & equal container
watered plants
trimmed plant in kitchen
done daily surveys

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It has been beautiful here today! I kept busy - trying to clean the terrace, cleaned alot of the outdoor furniture, moved some more plants out.I also cleaned the grill and bought some propane so we can cook out for Memorial Day weekend.Plus laundry and regular chores. Also stopped by my sisters, she helped with an auction and she gave me a potpurri warmer and lots of fitness books in perfect shape! It was a good day.
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