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There is an intern interviewing for a position at a mental health institution and he is being given the tour. As he and the Advisor walk around they pass a patient throwing an invisible ball in the air and swinging at it . The Intern asks the patient what he is doing. The patient replies "when I get out of here I am going to be a professional baseball player.

The intern and advisor walk on and see a female patient swinging an invisible club at an invisible ball on the floor. The Intern asks her about it and she replies that when she is finally released she will be a professional golfer. The intern thinks that it is wonderful that the patients are being taught to focus on careers after release from the institution.

They come upon a third patient sitting naked on the floor putting peanuts on his dick. The intern asks "what is it you want to do when you get out of here?' The patient responds

"I ain't never getting out of here I'm fucking nuts!!" :D
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