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I know we are already quite a bit into May, but I am a huge fan of these monthly goal threads. I've detailed mine - anyone else care to share?

Daily Health
- How I eat:
* Eat consciously, eat when hungry and stop when full
- What I eat:
* Eat a small breakfast with pure fruit juice
* Have a healthy lunch with a fruit or vegetable snack
* Eat a healthy dinner for the majority of meals
* Always apply Paul McK rules to takeaways/eating out
- Use weight loss visualisation first thing in morning and before eating
- Drink 2 Camelbak waters daily and increase peppermint tea intake
- Have a vitamin with dinner
- Go to bed before 11am

Weekly Health
- Complete a one-hour workout three times per week after work

Daily Clean
- Check laundry basket
- Living room tidy
- Bedroom tidy
- Bathroom wipe
- Kitchen tidy and dishes

Weekly clean
- Deep clean bathroom
- Deep clean kitchen
- Clear out fridge
- Vacuum
- Mop
- Clear/clean out bins
- Change bed or wash bath mats
- Dust
- Run dehumidifier
(-Wash throws when cats are gone)

Household tasks
- Deep organisation of kitchen and bedroom
- Super deep clean of bathroom/anywhere else there is mold
- Improve bedroom
- Ask maintenance guy to check tap and sink leak
- Begin to play with camera and learn how to use it
- Take photos for the bedroom

- Add to personal savings
- Add to holiday savings
- Set up new joint bank account for rent
- Sort out problem with online banking

Money Plans
- Discuss SO’s pension/savings plan
- Consider holiday destination
- Make a revised holiday savings plan

- Send letter to Spar HQ
- Re-post any letters not for us

To purchase
- Expand Kitchen items (including: coffee grinder; food processor/blender; cookie scoop; new baking tray; brownie tray; bread baking dish; soufflé dish)
- Better bedroom decorations (new curtains especially! Bed clothes/pillows)
- Facemask, concealer and wax (new coat, if possible).

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We have just 13 days left in May, so I'd like to accomplish the following if I can. One item per day hopefully:

1. Finish and mail thank you cards
2. mail Renee’s sock/Dominic’s and Brenda’s socks and Tristan’s gift
3. declutter and clean guest bathroom
4. declutter and clean living room
5. declutter and clean kitchen
6. declutter and clean dining room
7. declutter and clean study room
8. declutter and clean master bathroom
9. declutter and clean master bedroom
10. Pack up winter clothes
11. Prep stove/oven for cleaning (4 hour wait time)
12. Clean stove/oven
13. Go through all paperwork - have one full 17qt box to organize, toss, shred, and file

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Erik, I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love writing lists and organising's getting those things done that I have a problem with :couch: :laugh: You're more than welcome to steal the idea - I find it really useful.

I FINALLY sent away the letter to Spar (a local shop here) which I have been meaning to do for ages. Going to really blast through the "to do's" this weekend, as much a possible.

God luck with your goals, folks.

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- SO's savings and pension plan has been discussed.
- Revision of holiday savings plan agreed upon.
- Currently looking at holiday ideas.
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