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Maybe more than a lil frustrated....

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so I started this new job as a merchandiser on 1/8/11 Let me begin by saying I reall enjoy the job and its great how well it works for my schedule. Here are my ...frustrations so to speak.....

Upon being hired I was told this job and 99% of all correspondence of it are done via email. If there is an urgent..right this moment issue go ahead and call me. Ok thats fine I am good with email based job and boss. HOWEVER...if I send an email regarding issues or questions I have as a new employee I would greatly appreciate a reponse to the questions. I feel like the email is being "skimmed" and all of my concerns are not being addressed.

I started 1/8 therefore should have been paid 1/14 but found out since my territory manager had been on a business trip since 1/3 NOONE was getting paid until she returned on 1/18 and pay days are Fridays(direct deposited) so actually we would be paid 1/22 ok thats fine HOWEVER my direct deposit yesterday was for 1/8 only. So my actual full week pay...which I REALLY needed didn't come through. So now I think I will be running payment wise a week behind forever :nopompom:

I spoke to her briefly yesterday while on a job and she said I would be getting paid and she would address my most recent email(from Thurs) but I have gotten no reponse and ended up sending ANOTHER email FULL of concerns when I got home. I swear once she answers these questions once I will be good to go...I won't ask them again. :)

Just needed to vent
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I feel like the email is being "skimmed" and all of my concerns are not being addressed.
Oh, this annoys me too and it's SO common. People don't read. When they do, they don't comprehend what they read. I'm generalizing, of course, but sometimes you really need someone to just please read.:grrr:

If e-mail is the only way to communicate, then you shouldn't feel bad at all about asking as many questions as you need to. You're doing exactly what you should be doing. :thumb:

May I suggest that you use a bullet point on each question, a large font and the simplest, clearest language you can. Personally, I'd write any e-mails to her at the elementary school level. Not to be insulting to her - just to make it easier for her to read and respond if she's reading when she's tired/ill/upset, etc.

Good luck and keep venting as needed. :)
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