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We are going to Branson this summer for a few days with the kids and I am trying to come up with some ideas for meals and snacks that are 1. not a pain to bring/make, 2. healthy (or relatively), and 3. affordable. We are staying three nights in a cabin equipped with 6 pc setting, two-burner stove top, small fridge (and we'll bring a large cooler), microwave, and outdoor gas grill. My kiddos are 2 and 4. We will be at Silver Dollar City for lunch on Tues. and Weds., but they allow you to bring food/drink into the park. Would love to hear suggestions from my fellow FVers . . . we have only vacationed once and that was last year so we are not very seasoned on this. We only dined out thrice during our adventure. TIA. :)

Oh, here's what I have so far:

Branson 2009 checklist

Monday Lunch (on the road) ?
Dinner grilled cheese, tomato soup, carrot & celery sticks
Tuesday Breakfast cereal/mik, bananas
Lunch (at SDC) pbjs, trail mix
Dinner hotdogs/buns, chips, beans
Wed. Breakfast ?
Lunch (at SDC) ?
Dinner ?
Thurs. Breakfast cereal/milk, bananas
Lunch (on the road) ?
Snacks Trail mix, dried fruit, ?

Frying pan & sauce pan
Paper towels/napkins
Pkg. hotdogs
Pkg. bratwurst
Pkg. Hotdog buns
Potato chips
Can of baked beans
Bag of salvaged ketchup/mustard/relish packets
Box of cereal
2 gallons milk
Bunch of bananas
2 loaves of bread
Cheese slices
Tomato soup
Peanut butter and jelly
Trail mix
Dried fruit
Carrot & celery sticks
Refillable water bottles

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My husband and I travel the same way. It lets us have a nice week without spending on restaurant food all the time. In fact, we're going this weekend...

Lunch on the road: cold cut sandwiches. Get meat and cheese on sale and freeze it, thaw the day before. Make sandwiches the night before, put mayo or mustard between the lettuce and the meat to keep bread dry. These will keep 24 hours in a small cooler with a gelpack. This is good time to serve things that keep cool but won't last, like fruit or cheese sticks.

Breakfast: don't forget your instant coffee or teabags. I like to get a 6-pack of orange juice bottles, too. Not usually cheap, but convenient and it's not a daily habit.

Snacks: we take chips too because buying them at gas stops is sooo expensive. I also like those peanut butter and cheese cracker packs, they fit nicely in a pocket for mid-day munchies. I indulge in some high quality fruit and cereal bars, too. They are about the size of candy bars, and are sweet, but I get the healthier ones with whole oats and real fruit and no preservatives. They survive pretty well in a pocket or backpack, too.

If you have a microwave you can make popcorn. :) Also, for daytime snacking something like a big bag of shell-on peanuts might be nice, if the kids can handle shelling them and cleaning up the mess.

Drinks: you might look into those drink powders they sell for adding flavor to bottled water. You can fill bottles at the park and have juice flavored drinks.

The do have a normal grocery store in Branson, there is one in the downtown area, I don't know how convenient that will be for you but it is there, and there's a wal-mart too. So you could get something like a dozen eggs for Wed. breakfast once you get settled, and some more cold cuts for lunch and burgers for dinner.
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Wonderful input! And thank you so much reminding me about the coffee!! Adding microwave popcorn to the list right now . . . the kids love that as a treat!

Have a great time this weekend . . . I believe the weather is supposed to be beautiful!
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