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This is a simple and fun block to do. It's a wonderful way of using up scraps because each block you make is different in color. OR you can use just a few colors, if you have lots of extra material in just a few colors. Its your choice. That's the fun of scrappy quilts.

For a queen size quilt, you will need 120 blocks (10 across and 12 down).

For a twin quilt, you will need 72 blocks (8 across and 9 down).

Your finished block will measure 6 3/4 inches.

You will need:
~2 colors for each block

Taking one color, cut a 5 inch square. If you're making a twin size quilt, cut 72 of these from various scraps of material.

Taking your second color, cut 2 - 4 inch squares.

If you're making a twin size quilt, cut 144 of these, making sure you have 2 of each color. Your 5 inch square should look like the first pic.

Take 2 - 4 inch blocks of the same color and one that goes with your 5 inch block. Cut them corner to corner as in the 2nd picture.

Take your 5 inch block and one of your triangles you just cut and place it on your block, just like in the following picture. Sew, making sure you use your 1/4 inch seam allowance. see the third picture.

Once you've sewn it, press toward your outside color. Your back should look like the fourth picture.

The front of your block will now look like the fifth picture.

You're going to do the exact thing on the opposite side. It must be the opposite side. Take another triangle of the same color and place it on your block, just as in the sixth picture below.

Sew, again making sure you use a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Once you've sewn these 2 pieces, press making sure you press towards the outside color. Once pressed, your block will look like the 7th picture.

Take another triangle and placing it on your block, sew. It should look like the 8th picture.

Once sewn, press making sure you press towards the outside of the block. Your block will look like the 9th picture once pressed. (This is the back of the block.)

Take your last triangle and do the opposite side, exactly as you've done above. Once sewn, press again towards the outside of the block. The back of your block will look like the 10th picture.

You are now finished your block. Square it, making sure it is 6 3/4 inches. Here is where a 15 x 15 inch ruler comes in handy because this block when finished is wider than your 6 inch ruler.

Your finished block will look like the 11th picture.

Once you have your blocks all sewn you sew them together like the 12th picture. Cut 1 inch strips 6 3/4 inches long, using the exact same color throughout your quilt. I like to use black or a dark color, but you can use any color you like has long as its the same color throughout.

Take 2 blocks and sew the strip inbetween the blocks. Continue on until you have a full row. Do the same with another row. Once you have your rows all sewn, then cut 1 inch strips the width of your quilt, using the exact same material as you have in joining the blocks. Sew 2 rows together. Continue on until you are finished your quilt.

Your border and binding can be whatever you wish to use.

Here is what 2 blocks would look like before sewn together with the 1 inch strip in the middle.
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