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Goodmorning! Hope something wonderful happens to each of you today!

Going to be 78 and :sun: I'm off in a few minutes to work in my flower gardens. It's finally time to get rid of all the leaves and stuff that helped keep my flowers protected during the cold months. I'll bring the radio out & have a grand time getting me as dirty as possible! Seems like I've been waiting a long time for this.

Also going to put up my hummingbird feeders because the hummers are on their way. I'll let you know when they get here.

Already have dinner planned (steak, baked potatoes and something green) & the house picked up so no more indoor work for me today!:)

Happy Spring! (do I sound happy or what ,lol.):D

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Darlene have a fun time, wish I could join ya. We put our veggie garden in on Saturday, cant wait for them to produce!!!
Well I am off soon to do my 4 shops, got an emergency one that is going to pay double :)
Dinner is roast pork, mashed pot, cucumbers in italian dressing
Going to tan before I leave!!
Have a great day!!!!

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Hi everyone! Today is a beautiful sunny day,and I am on my way back to lay down for a while. My Fibromyalgia really flared up,so no sleep last nite.
We planted tomatoes that we started inside, yesterday and DH spent time cleaning up the yard. This is our first chance at this new place. The landlord drove by and stopped to say how great it was looking!!! She was so pleased:D
I am doing Goulash with ground turkey tonite,and a salad,maybe some garlic bread. No thinking this through-other than that I am taking the day off and resting!!!
I also need to get online and do a thourogh coupon search,as I forgot to get a Sunday paper:eek:
Have a great day!!!!!!!

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Hi everyone!

I am home, doing laundry, washing dishes and cleaning a bit my kitchen...

I will be doing some grocery shopping this morning. Got to go!

Have a great day!!!


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Miracle Maniac Monday.......

Miracle Maniac Monday.......
So far Today I have changed the bedding.
I have made up the beds.
I have washed Dh's work Uniforms.
I have one load of dirty dishes washing right now.
I have to fold and put away the clean clothes.
I then have to wash some more clothes.
I have to put up the clean dishes.
I have to dry DH's Work Uniforms, and the clothes.
I then have to fold and put away all the clean clothes including DH's Work Uniforms.
I have also already given DD her meds She has a Really bad Cough and an Earache.
I have to walk the dogs.
I have to dust.
I have to mop.
I have to sweep.
I have to Exercise.
I have change Kitty Litter.
I have to vacuum.
I have to declutter.
I have to read to dd.
I have to give dd her shower.
I have to make Lunch and Dinner.
I have to study.
I have to also do Daily Devotionals.
I need to make a Monthly Budget.
I need to sit down and make a Grocery List.
I need to sit down and organize all of our bills that we need to pay.
Relax and Enjoy Spending Quality time with my family.
I hope Everyone has a Great Day Today.

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Yes, happy spring ladies !!!!!!!!!
Went into town this morning and did a bit of coupon shopping.....
Had breakfast with dh......
dd is back to school and the house is quiet ....... YIPEE !!!!!!!!
House is clean, have some gifts to wrap and some crafts to finish..
It's raining here .......

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It's a cool morning here today, I was able to have my back door open for a few minutes, feels good to have the door opened :)
Today's list
clean kitchen
put clean dishes away
called AOL:toothy:
wash coat
do laundry
get garbage out
mail ready to go
called a friend
checked email
making plans for my dads visit :D
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