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Great, sunny day in the midwest. Today wasn't very frugal.

Dh wanted me to buy the dogs some new frisbees. The ones they have are in pretty bad shape. They love catching the frisbee and it's good exercise for the dogs. We were also running low on dog treats, so had to get some. What we have won't last until pay day.

I decided it was time for a haircut. I was patient and waited until there was a coupon. With tip, I still saved $2.

Starting my shopping list and going through coupons. Saving every bit I can.

Still adding to my penny saving challenge jar. It looks like I'm pretty far behind, but I decided to save the large amounts first. Same with the dollar saving challenge. Dh and I cleaned out ds' car for him and he a bunch of change. He said we could keep it!!! Also found a cup in the laundry cabinet with over $8 in it from the washer finds. I really hope to make these challenges as this will pay our property taxes at the end of the year. Also doing swagbucks everyday. Since the beginning of February I've gotten $50 in gift cards. Dh likes to buy things from Amazon and maybe this will help keep it from going on the credit cards.

Dinner will be leftovers from the weekend.
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