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Miserly Monday January 26, 2015

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Should be a decent day around here. Should be a stay at home day too. We'll be babysitting dgd later tonight.

I have some laundry to do and sheets & towels to fold.

I hope to start deep cleaning the kitchen and do a little decluttering in the bedroom. My dresser is covered with junk and unmatched socks.

Dinner will be either chicken pot pie, chicken and rice, or shrimp. Maybe even soup and grilled cheese. We'll see how hard I work today and how much effort I want to put into dinner.

How's everyone else doing?
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I'm new here and also from the Midwest. I've been getting familiar with the site and have found lots of tips already. I dusted my bedroom yesterday or at least got a good start on it. It was worse than I thought! Dinner will probably be a hamburger or soup or both.
Straightening up the house today, catching up on some chores, soup and salad for dinner, and making some things for lunches during the week.
My day has been productive so far. Folded two loads of laundry, put away one, washed and hung to dry a third.
actually took the time to make the beds, which I rarely do, but feel much better when they are made.
Will be making chop suey with veggie ground round for dinner and prepping veggies for the week and the same time since the weekend was too busy for my usual prep time.
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