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Happy November!!!!

Today won't be very miserly. Dh got food poisoning over the weekend and is really sick. I have gatorade, but I think he really could use some coconut water. I'm going out in a bit to get some. One of the stores has a sale today, so I'm going to pick up my limit of stuffing mix and bread. I haven't tried freezing bread in a while, so I'm going to attempt it again. If it doesn't work, the birds will have some food this winter or I'll have plenty of bread crumbs. I need to get some bananas and other fruit for the week.

I do need to deep clean my stove. Maybe I'll get the burners soaking in amonia before I leave. I've really let my stove go. It doesn't help when 2 other people cook on it too and don't clean up after themselves.

Laundry is caught up. Ds left for 3 weeks for a job, so his laundry needed to be done. I'll probably clip coupons today too.

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Food poisoning is ugly JM - hope your DH recovers quickly!

Still eating out of refrig and pantry - working on getting out of the habit of using drive thrus.

Laundry with HM detergent

Working on Thanksgiving cards
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