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Hi I'm from Mississippi too, southeast portion, a little further north than Biloxi .*wave at walkinggrrl * :)

Kemper county... I've got to figure out where that's out. It rings a big bell with me for some reason, maybe I've been thru it/by it. *wave at IamBlessed* :)

Is it hot enough for y'all yet? LOL We were working outside the last two days and I must have dranked a gallon of water to keep hydrated. lol My husband works for a living outside, no clue how he manages.

Well I'm trying to comfort myself with the thought that December, Jan, Feb and a week or two of March will be here soon. LOL!!!!

No seriously I love my homestate, except as I get older this heat is not as easy to bare as it used to be.

I love Biloxi and the coast area,... wish i could go stay a few days on the coast now! My nephew lives in Biloxi too. He moves but always comes back lol

So any other Mississipians around? ??? :)
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