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Make the marinade
1 cup orange juice in bag
1/3 cup balsimic vinegar
1 WW Lime yogurt
Marinade center cut pork chops for 1 hour in refrigerator

Make a dry rub:
¼ cup Garlic powder
¾ tbls Cumin
¼ tbls oregano
¼ tbls Onion powder
Salt and pepper

Take the chops out of the marinade and wipe off the extra marinade from both sides of the chops with paper towels.
Rub the chops ( both sides) with the dry rub and shake off the excess and rub the chops again.
Heat about 3 tbls of oil in fry pan, and add the chops. Brown the chops on both sides then Cook add onions and garlic around the chops. Cook medium heat until translucent.
Add ¼ cup orange juice and ½ cup chicken broth around the chops and stir to create the gravy.
Once the gravy has reduced, take the chops and place on serving tray and spoon the rest of the gravy over the chops.
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