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Good morning and happy Monday!

I just sent DH off to work and I'm ready to get this day started. I have the laundry going and a stack of dishes to do from last night's dinner.

Today I am meeting a co-worker for lunch, taking some clothes to a consignment store, going to the dry cleaners and going to the grocery store. It is going to be a busy day!!!

Hopefully I can get a lot accomplished today so I can spend tomorrow by the pool! :)

Have a great day!!!

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Pace yourself Betsy.:)
Good morning everyone! Pretty day where I am. Sunny and not too humid. Picture perfect in my book.
Got a few things done already today. Bed made, dh's lunch, 2 loads of laundry washed & hung out.
Gotta get some hamburger & buns out of freezer and make a potato salad.

Not much else going on today, I think I'll find something to declutter and get rid of.
What ever you do today I wish you the best.:thumb:

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well i have to work today, then I need to:

Declutter some myself :lol:
Pick up FREE Subways for supper (I have filled stamps for those) :hurray:
Play with puppy
Sort coupons

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Today I'm working, but tonight I have:

Continue decluttering
Dinner will be clean out the fridge night
Wipe down fridge
Clean oven (if dh isn't around - he can't stand the smell)
Go to dss's baseball game???

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well yesterdays bar b que wasn't so bad afterall, and I ended up shopping for three hours and spending less than I would have if I went to the movies, and came away with a really cute shirt and a bag of groceries all for 3.24$ :D I shouldn't have spent that even but I found the kind of shirt I had been wanting/needing.

Today I need to:
Run to ralphs (two of them) to stock up on free food
(will bring carl to help get me more)

Lay out at the pool/Exercise/Do my nails/Curl my hair

Dishes/laundry(started a load so far)/Vacuum/Make bed/
Tidy other rooms a bit

Read a lot to Ayla/Take her on a walk/to the pool/Color with her
do the gymboree video with her

Lots of cuddling with carl/watch Imposter with him/rub his feet

See about listing something on ebay!

Do a Pinecone research survery/Delete junk mail

have a fun day girls :)

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Sounds like everyone has a full day.

I scrubbed the floors, made the beds, put away last night's dishes, and started laundry.

I waited for the telephone repairman and now I need to run to WM for a few items I need to finish DS#1's room.

Tonight starts Chris' district baseball tournament, so we will be watching baseball tonight and all this week I hope.

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Dreary Monday....
I hope To be able to go and swim in the pool.
That is on my agenda for today..

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So far I have clipped,sorted AND filed the past weeks cupons as well as the ones my mom gave me. I fed 2 of 3 kids,broke up a fight between 2:wink:
Need to go get $$ for DS birthday
Bake his cake
Get yesterdays paper
Make hubbys lunch and send him off to work
Straighten up for DS bday night
thats all I guess:confused:

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A slow Monday here. Still have all the kids at home,so will be doing shepards pie for dinner.
Already have done dishes
started laundry:bang: again!!!!!
cleaned the bathroom,and living room

I will be on strike other than that:D

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I'm tired but now no why.I think I have Mono!My friend just found out she has it,after she thought she had strep throat,wich I thought I gave her(but I thought I just had tonselitis)but comes to find out she has mono and I had all the same symptoms as her,but now that the flu like symptoms are gone I'm just tired.So trying to take it easy if I can.

Today I've:
made jello for the kids
made beds
folded laundry
sat on my hiney

I still need to :
get off my hiney
make dinner
cut coupons and organize
make grocery lists

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It turned out to be a nice warm day today:D
I finished putting groceries away
washed & froze raspberries
washed & froze some grapes
watered indoor plants
emailed my dad
went through coupons
added a couple more catagories to my website
cleaned out my bag
wrote my time down from yesterday
getting laundry done
garbage out
got new shoes ready to go back:mad:
divided hamburger wrapped & in freezer
cleaned out fridge

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What a busy day I had!

Worked 9-2
picked up kids
paid sewer bill
packed kids for trip to Virginia on Tues.
took Ashlee to band practice
went bra and underwear shopping-most of it being returned :ugh:
grabbed McD's at 7 p.m.
Dollar store
went home, waited for Ashlee to come back
took kids clothes over to motor home
visited inlaws for 20 minutes
came home again-DH still on 'puter, doing nothing :fuming:
took out trash
got kids showered and in bed
took a shower

The kids are going to Williamsburg for 4 days with Dh parents. I am going to clean their room!!! heh heh

Whew! Now I gotta go start Tuesday's thread....
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