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Michelle, I haven't even thought about that. Interesting you should ask. Here is how I price most of my stuff. I go to craft sales that we aren't in and check out the prices. If I feel they are really high, I say forget that price. But most times I'm pretty close to what others charge, except for our ornaments. Everyone thinks I'm nuts to charge as little as I do. Thats okay, I get repeat customers that way.

My first sale is on the 25th and I'll check to see if there is any there. But I would say probably around $5-6, although that may be a little high in our area. Not sure about that!!!

It depends so much on whether others make them or not. If they don't, you can usually get more for them. The neat thing about these pot holders (I posted a Christmas one in the Christmas forum also) is that they are quick to make, you can use scraps and they don't cost a lot to make them. Thats what you really want to look at.

With this one, it would probably take me about 1/2 hr. to make and have finished. The Christmas one would take a bit longer, so would cost a bit more.

So I wrote a book in order to tell you that I'll have a closer price next weekend. Hows that? :D
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