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My dogs are being picky eaters

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My 2 dogs, both of them 3 years old, one is a Shih Tzu-Sparky and the other one is a Golden Retriever-Kaci. Lately, they've been picky about eating their food unless I mix it with something "good" like canned dog food or a small amount of soup with a meat or cheese base. If I do feed them canned dog food, I make sure it doesn't contain wheat gluten. I think one reason why they're being picky about eating is because my family's kitchen is "off limits" since it's being remodeled. They're used to being fed in the kitchen. One of my 2 dogs, the Shih Tzu, is mostly blind which may be another factor in why he's being picky about eating. When I do mix their dog food with somthing "good", I give them mostly dry food. Kaci eats Healthwise with a mixture of canned dog food or "human food". She doesn't seem to like Healthwise that well. I've tried other "premium" brands and she either refuses to eat it or doesn't like that well. I also have that problem with Sparky. He refuses to eat any dry dog food that is "healthy". Right now, he's eating Purina One with a mixute of canned dog food or "human food" Is it okay to mix a little of chicken broth with dog food? I was thinking of giving them a homemade dog food but I think it would be too time consuming and I would need easy dog recipes. Once, my mom bought the dogs Purina Beneful and they seemed to love that particular kind but it's one of the worst to feed to a dog.
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