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My home is smelling and sounding glorious!

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Jaysn is making cookies and they smell and taste heavenly. Chris is learning to play and sing "Cat's in the Cradle" and Josh supposed to be cleaning his room. We have quite the gray Springtime weather going on outside. It's raining and blowing and looking really nasty. But in our home, it's warm, filled with that wonderful fresh cookie aroma and the sound of music. Ok, I guess Josh is giving up on cleaning his room and joining Chris on his electric guitar. Music class anyone?????:D
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Sounds lovely to me! Can I come over for a bit?
You all are officially invited for tea, cookies and serenading!!!:D Come on over!!!! Heck, grab a cat to cuddle with ,I have 5 to choose from, one to match every kind of outfit!:toothy:
Debbie, I'm on my way with fresh buns just out of the oven. Sounds heavenly at your place.
Sounds great to me, i can bring a couple of extra cats, just in case ;)
What a wonderful day in your home! I am on my way...I will bring a big kettle of hot chocolate to go with those great cookies that Jaysn is making and the buns that CJ is bringing. Save me a cat to cuddle.
:D You all make me smile and feel so good to know I have such great friends here!:hugz:
Sounds so nice! I have four dsons myself, and that really brings back pleasant memories.:D
I'll bring my own cat, so I'll only need the tea and cookies.;)
Sounds wonderful over there...I can't come though...I'm allergic to cats! :weeping:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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