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This is something I came up with a long time ago, I love it. It is so helpful,
now it can be a chore to get started, when starting from scratch, and it will
take time and patience as you get the overall main journal done. But its going
to be so helpful, organized, you will love it and never be able to live without
You can be as creative as you want with your journal, you can make it a
scrapbooking type Journal, with pictures, poems, quotes and those footnotes of
funny moments your kids have done.

What you will need:
I suggest, one notebook, for the rough draft, notes
A main Journal you will use
Colored Pens
index dividers
And you also can type and print out your information and put it
together in a keepsake Journal.

Subjects to include in your Journal
Main Page
Personal Information:
Social Security Numbers
Driver's License Numbers
Medical Information

Now I section it off to daily, weekly and monthly notes, along with a calender,
that either came with it or is printed and put it in it.
To do Lists and other checklists are a wonderful advantage.

You want to start making your daily, weekly, monthly schedules, of cleaning
Routines, appointments, shopping, phone calls, Errands,. And other important
i find it very helpful to have sections for each of these categories and then
just make daily helpful reminders in the calender part of the journal.
Make sure you make you a main cleaning schedule to go by, daily routines, spring
cleaning that sort of thing.
Now I would go on to List
Snail mail Addresses
Phone Numbers
Computer Email Addys
Along with a section for your personal computer information
Baby sitter Information etc.
You will want to include, grocery shopping checklist
Main Menu List to go by.
Charity Projects
Volunteer Projects
And other helpful information you would want to include..
Bills Section, complete with addresses and phone numbers
Pay schedule,
Over all goals.

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I have one of these, lol............

it's called a Palm 130 PDA!

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Super good idea! I have done this for years with our personal information and things such as camping, school information and vacation lists, but I have never thought of cleaning lists. Dh is going to hate this, lol every weekend he will get the honor of picking a chore off the spring cleaning list. This sounds like a great way to get things done. I am also thinking it will be a great way to record how much time each chore will take, this way we can pick and choose which chores we have time to do. I will also keep a running list of supplies needed for each task such as paints, fertilizers, cleaning supplies ect.

Thanks for the tip, great motivation for me today.

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This is a terrific idea! It reminds me of the notebook I made to outline my 8-5 outside-the-home-job for the benefit of any sub that might have to fill in for me at some point (or take over for me?). Its an even better idea to do the same thing for taking care of your home and family! Thanks for sharing this!

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In my gramma's day, they made these and called them "receipt books."

I have one, too, but I have stuff on the computer as well. I have a hard time keeping track of what I should *print* and what I should just keep on the computer.

DH needs to buy me a laptop. :D
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