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My husband got a raise!

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Well he got it a while ago, it's just we didn't know how much for. So we got a bigger chunk all at once (last friday?) since it was retroactive from the time it started.

Seeing that Carl was REALLY not on his bosses good side this past year (being late, calling in sick a LOT etc) I was surprised he actually GOT a raise!

It's not much, just 0.63$ extra an hour. So i figure with taxes taken out that might be 50-60$ extra a month? This might really help us be able to pay off that credit card a little faster :) I just have to watch it with the clothes shopping :toothy:

OH! But get this! Carl took on a TON of overtime, so far he's only gotten 5 out of the 9 weeks of the base pay (35$) and NONE of the money from actually going out to the jobs he did do!! I know he did at least 5 jobs, which would pay him 60$ per job!! The silly clerk doing the paychecks told my husband "but no one checked the box for on call" Oh lordy, my dh had EVERY single one of his timesheets with an "X" in it. those people at his payroll are some real flakes i'll tell ya ;)

o pretty soon we should see yet another chunk coming in to help pay off that cc. yahhhhhhhooooooooo!! :smball:
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That is great news Heather. I am happy for you and DH.
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